Water Damage Restoration Call (855) 712-8742 – Flood Damage Repair and Cleanup Company

Water Damage Restoration Call (855) 712-8742 – Flood Damage Repair and Cleanup Company







Water Damage Restoration Call (855) 712-8742 – Flood Damage Repair and Cleanup Company

Call 855-712-8742 Now For 24/7 Emergency Response!

CAUTION: The biggest mistake most people just like yourself make is not dealing with the water damage right away.

"The longer you wait the worse your problem is going to get"

If you have any sort of water damage in your home, you need to act quickly, and we can help! Do you have a broken pipe, storm damage, flooded basement, or any other disaster? You need to act fast, because delaying only creates more problems. The quicker you can get the water removed and your home dried, the less risk you have for dangerous mold to take root, which will cause health problems for you and your family. Not to mention: Hard to remove mildew will begin to grow.

Water damage is progressive, and anything that could have been saved within the first 48 hours of initial damage may not be, if you delay your response.

Also, insurance typically does not cover secondary damage caused by delay.

Secondary damage includes:
Mold growth
Damage to framing and drywall and flooring
High humidity damage to books, papers, artwork etc.

What's the RISK of finding your own contractor OR using the one recommended by your insurance company?

The biggest risk to you is poor quality work. This is your home, your family's possessions and your money on the line.


Many water restoration companies are just glorified construction companies in disguise. They've left the construction business, because it's slow due to the economy. We don't blame them — You have to make a living somehow. But is this really the company you want working on your home? Do you want under-qualified and poorly trained workers to fix your home or business?

Poor quality work will lead to unseen problems that don't surface until long after they're gone.


It's important that you're aware that many local insurance adjusters have a local restoration company in their pocket who are looking out for the insurance company and not you.

The cold hard truth is this: Insurance companies create NON-OFFICIAL understandings with local restoration providers. The unwritten rules are simple: Keep your estimates as low as possible, and there will be more work for you!

Do you see why this is dangerous to you?

The restoration company should create an estimate in a way that makes sure your home is TRULY restored to its original state, but he knows he'll get more work if he cuts corners in places you won't recognize! He's willing to sacrifice the true quality of the work to ensure that the jobs keep getting subtly steered his way. What a sham! But, sadly, it happens every day.

All restoration companies are former construction companies or in the pockets of insurance adjusters. But you're in a situation where…

You Need Someone Who You Can Trust, AND You Need Them NOW!

And we are here to help you.

You have an emergency to take care of and don't have time to screen the contractors yourself; we understand.

That's why we have done all the hard work for you.

We have a national network of local water restoration experts that have been pre-screened and certified and are ready to be at your home within 1 hour.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the number below, and a qualified expert that has been screened for quality will be at your home within the hour to begin fixing the damage that the water is causing in your home right now.

Call 855-712-8742 Now For 24/7 Emergency Response!

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